Where can I learn more?

Larry Schmitt’s books Mr. Schmitt (to my knowledge) does not have his own web page, but he teaches at the North House Folk School and has written what currently stand as the best instructional naalbinding books in English. They are, in order of publication:
Lessons in Nalbinding:  Scarves, Wimples and More
Lessons in Nalbinding:  Edgings and Embellishments
Lessons in Nalbinding:  Mittens, Mittens, Mittens!
Lessons in Nalbinding:  Lots of Socks
Lessons in Nalbinding:  Great Hats

Check out Where can I buy stuff? for a list of suppliers.

Anne Marie Haymes’ website
An all-around excellent resource. In addition to a great history of naalbinding, photos of her own work and an explanation of the classification systems, she’s got an almost comprehensive bibliography of naalbinding sources. She has written two instructional pamphlets, “Nalbinding Made Easy” and “Nalbinding: The Åsle Mitten Stitch.” (Again, check out Where can I buy stuff? for a list of suppliers.)
The Naalbinding YahooGroups discussion list
Come chat with other naalbinders! The naalbinding list is a fairly slow-moving but very friendly discussion group. Get your questions answered, and find out if there are any teachers in your area.
Krista Vajanto’s Website
In Finnish. Ms. Vajanto has written her graduate thesis on naalbinding finds, and filmed three how-to videos for some of the more complicated Finnish stitches. (The narration is also in Finnish, but you can still see how to do the stitches.)
Bernhard’s Nadelbinden
Bernhard has some very good step-by-step how-to pictures, and a very nice catalog of his projects, both completed and in-progress.
Petra Ommen’s Blog

In English and German. While you should definitely check out her two excellent videos, her blog is also worth a look, as it has pictures of some of her beautiful finished pieces.  Prepare to feel like a slacker!  :)
      - Oslo Stitch Video
      - York Stitch Video
Joanna Hobbins' Stitch Index
This is the temporary site, but rest assured I will link to the new location when it's complete.  It's an index of stitches, with their respective Hansen, Nordland and Hald notations, pictures of some of the stitches, and information on which sites and books list examples and instructions for them (where possible.)  Very handy!