Where can I buy stuff?

From me!

This will eventually be a link to a shopping page where you can buy my book and video CD, but that’s still under construction. If you are interested in purchasing my book, e-mail me at madnaalbinder at gmail dot com.
Village Wools
A fabulous yarn and fiber shop in Albuquerque, they carry naalbinding needles, Larry Schmitt’s books, and periodically offer naalbinding classes.
Susan’s Fiber Shop
Susan’s carries Larry Schmitt’s books as well as naalbinding needles.
Mielke’s Fiber Arts
Mielke’s carries needles, Larry Schmitt’s books, Anne Marie Haymes’ booklets, Nalbindning, the Easiest, Clearest Ever Guide by Nusse Mellgren, and Berit Westman’s Nalbindning. Not to be missed!
The Spanish Peacock
An excellent source for bone and exotic wood naalbinding needles.